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EntrepreneurOnFire_BadgeAbout Rabet

Rabet is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, life coach, and author, who is a natural leader with a gift for showing others how they can realize their goals.  He delivers a high energy presentation with amazing results by applying fundamental principles of self-awareness, discipline, and leadership to formulas for success.



Motivational and Inspirational Services

Rabet at school

Give your event or classroom a motivational and inspirational experience unlike any other.  Let Rabet show you the way to unlock your inner genius through his motivational speeches which are designed to fit adults and youth alike.  He will teach you how to turn yourself into the real you someone who can achieve their biggest dreams and deepest desires.  Rabet is also available for coaching sessions where he will give you the motivational push you need to be the best you, you can be.  All of Rabet’s speaking topics and programs are designed to motivate and inspire you and to unlock the inner genius that is waiting to be freed inside you.
Rabet_Brown-_picRead his mission statement and one sheet and learn more about his background and why he has such a strong passion for helping others be successful in life.  His Motivational CD Unlocking Your Inner Genius has helped countless people overcome their fears and obstacles on their journey to find their true self.   Rabet is always participating in motivational events and conferences, check out the events page to see if he is coming to an area near you or give us a call and book Rabet for your event today!